About Us

Welcome to Dog Chatter - the Perfect World for K9 Friends, and Their People. Created by Sandy Grigsby, Dog Chatter gives us a sneak peek into a fantastical canine world where dogs run the show and do everything humans would do. Sandy's photography goes beyond typical pet photography, her attention to detail and patience with animals allow her to capture moments of human like sincerity in her subjects. In each photograph the animals are physically dressed in custom, hand made clothing, their hair and positions styled exclusively for each shot. Physical sets are built and real props are used to capture a 'true to life' quality in these amazing photographs.

Sandy first created the images with her mother, in memory of her father who passed away in 2003 from pancreatic cancer. His five Weimaraners were his pride and joy and he was known as the dog whisperer in their hometown. Within days of her father’s passing his eldest dog died of grief. That Christmas the remaining Weimaraners and other family dogs became the subjects of Sandy's holiday cards to bring a smile to her friends and family who knew and missed her dad.

The name Dog Chatter was conceptualized by Sandy after her beloved Weimaraner named Gina would chatter her teeth for attention. For over ten years Sandy had been photographing humorous Christmas Cards featuring her family dogs. Each year the requests for her Christmas cards grew and the excitement of 'What will top last year's card?' was abuzz through friends and family. One day a friend asked Sandy why she wasn't selling her wonderful greeting cards and thus a business was born!

Sandy Grigsby, Founder of Dog Chatter

As a professional graphic artist and photographer for over 10 years, Sandy has a BFA in Visual Communications and has studied and worked in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Argentina and Germany. Her experience with various design firms and photography studios has allowed her to work directly with celebrities, top fashion designers, and government agencies. She enjoys being challenged with unique design projects and is currently working on two children’s books and writes for various blogs including the Dog Chatter blog. Sandy speaks English, German, Spanish and French and loves practicing her languages while traveling to exotic locations to photograph nature and various cultural experiences. Born into a home with two Yorkshire Terrier siblings, Sandy has always had a love for dogs. She enjoys coming up with interesting ideas for her canine inspired images with the aid of her trustworthy design council Tiffany, her seven year old Yorkshire Terrier.

 Tiffany, Spokesmodel for Dog Chatter

Born in Santa Barbara California and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tiffany graduated top of her class in Obedience and Best Trick. She enjoys long walks, meaty treats, a daily squirrel chase, sunbathing, sitting by the fireplace, and rawhide bones. Her favorite place to people watch is in the windowsill of the master bedroom and she loves to nip the rear end of the landscaper for sport. Tiffany's duties as K9 Representative include canine meet and greet, wardrobe fit model and final wardrobe approval, set construction safety and durability assessor, smelly treat taster, and she is a certified instructor of Doggie Modeling 101. She loves to give Sandy inspiration and can clearly bark "I love you!" when asked who she loves.