Travel with Your Doggy

I recently read an article on a man who travels with his dog everywhere. The man “Kelly believes dogs aren’t meant to spend their lives guarding a house or sitting in the backyard.” You can read more about Kelly and his dog Loki here. What Kelly is saying can be true and taking your dog traveling with you could be an fun and unforgettable experience for you both. I love camping with my dogs, it makes me feel safer, and we have so much fun hiking and swimming. Read these tips below to prepare for any adventure that you can take your furry best friend on too.

Plan to have the best time

If you have never taken your dog on a trip with you before, the first step in planning. Plan everything to where you go to what you will need to bring. Basic necessities to bring with you are a travel water cup, water, their medication, treats, food for the duration of the trip, collars with tags, safe leashes, their vaccination records and pet wipes. Try to plan out where the best places to take your dog are, whether it be camping or a beach retreat. Find out if where you are staying is dog friendly, usually a hotel will list it online but call just to make sure. There are some hotels like Best Western that advertise that they are a pet friendly hotel. But it hotel travel isn’t on your trip this time try camping in a lodge or tent.  if you stay in a tent make sure your dog will like it. Make sure the tent is large and you have a comfy dog bed for them to sleep in.

Land or Sea

Flying, traveling by train, bus or boat are where it starts to get more complicated. Each airline has it’s own rules for canine air travel, you need to call and make arrangements before your flight. Some of these travel options don’t allow dogs sadly. All Amtrak trains or buses by Greyhound and some other bus companies don’t allow dogs to travel, call or check online to find out. Some Cruises are actually pet friendly some even provide lodging and meals for you dog, but I would make sure you dog likes the water at first. Test your dog on a boat and for more information check our blog post.

The Safe Route

Driving with your dog is usually the best if you want fast transportation, because most dogs are used to car rides. If your dog is not, take them on trips to the supermarket and see how it goes. Before the long trip make sure they are adjusted to the car. Make sure you have a doggy car seat and take tons of breaks for your pet to use the restroom. Bring toys and make sure your pup is happy during the car ride and keep your music at a reasonable volume.

Natural Born Instinct

Exploring nature with your dog can be a beautiful way to interact. Just be safe research before you go and know your pets limits. If you pet is more of a chill/calm guy just take them fishing and both of you can relax by a river. If your pet is a risk taker take them hiking to a dog safe hiking path. Just research where you want to go and what the best doggy adventures are and watch the great memories be made.

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