Grooming Tips For Your Dog


Grooming tips for dogs

Who wants to be around a smelly non groomed human? Well it is the same for your dog. Humans need to be groomed to remain healthy and look good, so do dogs. Regular grooming sessions are extremely beneficial not just for the health and well-being of your pup. But can be a quality bonding time you two share, even if he or she doesn’t like to be bathed at first. basic grooming can promote your dogs health and prevent certain illnesses especially in terms of their, skin, coat, ears, teeth, and over all doggy being. Grooming your dog can help you get accustomed to your dogs body so you can check for lumps, rashes, or anything out of the unusual. If you have a puppy first grooming may require a ton of treats but eventually they will learn to love the healthy bonding experience. 

First: Bathing and brushing

Depending on your breed or if your dog has been playing in a trashcan he or she will need to be bathed in a week to 2 month period. Some breeds when you bathe too frequently with not the healthiest shampoo can dry out his or her skin and strip the natural oils from his or her coat. Make sure to choose a shampoo that is all natural and best for your dogs coat. You can either bathe your dog in the sink or bathtub depending on their size. If it is a slippery surface put a mat or towel down so the dog does not get injured. Make sure to lather and rinse throughly. Try to not get any shampoo or water directly in the eyes, mouth, and inside the ears. 

Regular brushing can be mandatory for most dogs and they usually love getting brushed. Its great for removing dead skin and hair while distributing good oils for a healthy coat. You should brush your dogs hair every couples days depending on the length. There are plenty of different brushes and combs for your dogs breed. Decide on which one is the best for your dogs cot and length. There are tips online for selecting the best brush for your dog or ask someone at your local pet store. 

Second: Cutting and cleaning

keeping your dogs coat cut and his feet trimmed are a great way to not have a dirty dog. Especially the feet which travel everyone and basically are swimmers at times. Find a cut that bets suits your breed you can view tutorials on youtube. Cutting your dogs feet is easy use scissors to trim over the top of your dog’s foot and even with the pads on the bottom of the foot. Do not try to trim in between the toes or the pads of the foot.

Cutting your dogs nails is the hardest part, I personally take my dog to the groomer for that. But there are many tutorials on ho to cut and tons of tools that make it easy. Your dogs nails should be cut every 2 weeks or until you here them clicking when they walk.
There are two styles of nail clippers made just for pets. Either style is acceptable as long as you are comfortable with how it feels in your hands, you have a clear line of sight to exactly where the blade is cutting, and the clipper has a sharp blade on it. Keep a jar of styptic powder handy to stop the bleeding in case you accidentally clip the vein.  If your puppy has white nails, you can see the pink vein through the nail. Clip off the tip of the nail, but not so much as to clip the vein. If your puppy has black nails, you will need to clip off a little at a time, looking at the nail tip straight on after each clip. When you start seeing a pale oval in the tip, it means you are near the vein and should stop clipping. If you keep the nails clipped on a regular basis, you will notice a hook at the end of a thicker part of the nail. The hook portion is what can be clipped off. Don’t forget to clip the dew claws if your dog has them!  In the beginning, let your puppy sniff the clipper, hear the sound it makes, and feel it against the paw and nail before you start clipping. If you get just one nail done, that’s a success! When you’re just starting out, it may take a week or longer to do all four paws. Keep the sessions positive and reward your puppy with lots of treats and praise while you’re clipping.

Cleaning the ears Keeping the inside surfaces of your dog’s ears clean will not only feel good to your dog, but is good way to help prevent ear infections. Clean your dogs ears once a week you can use a cotton ball of q-tip. Just don;t use water because it doesn’t evaporate quickly and can cause infections. If you notice smell or weird liquid tell your vet. 

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