Meet the Smartest Dog In The world

Dogs can be very smart animals, with an incredible ability to understand commands from their owners and react accordingly with a specific set of directions. It is no surprise that dogs were the very first animals to be domesticated and throughout the years they have earned the respected tittle of "man's best friend".

Some dog breeds are especially known for their intelligence and fast-learning; sometimes they're even used by professionals to aid in solving crimes, rescuing people, hunting, guiding the blind, sniffing out all kinds of threats and danger - even cancer! - all in addition to their roles as companions.

"Sit, speak and shake" are the most common tricks adopted by dog owners. However, some puppies are way beyond that. Meet Misa Minnie, she is only one and a half years old, but her wisdom will knock your socks off!

Not trying to steal Lassie's glow, but this tiny Yorkshire Terrier has just reinvented the "dog-trick" game! Not only adorable and pawsitively brilliant, she was tested and approved at a rescue and training center called the Shelter Dogs To Dream Dogs to be a therapy dog. Now she can bring joy, comfort and love to children in need.



Her charisma, cute little bow and her remarkable brain have turned Misa Minnie into an internet super-star! Her Facebook journey began on Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 3:07pm and quickly become a weekly canine cultural phenomenon.

Everyone fell in love with little Misa, and she was called to participate as a guess on numerous television shows and websites such as and



Did Misa Minnie inspire you?

It takes only time, patience and some practicing to teach your dog some really cool tricks.

Dog Chatter's favorite training book is available in our website. Get yours and start learning how your dog can be a youtube hit as well!

In "The Only Dog Tricks Book You'll Ever Need" Gerilyn J. Bielakiewicz teaches you how to train your dog to do awesome things such as:

 - Shake, wave, and give high fives; - Play scared and be brave; - Fetch his dinner bowl; - Retrieve your keys, mail, and phone; - Ring a bell to go outside; -  Put away his toys.. ...and more!   Whether your dog's a natural-born ham or a shy guy, these tricks will bring out your dog's best - and help you be the best trainer you can be!

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