Budget Friendly Howl-o-ween Costumes

Any dog would agree that it’s just not right to let your best friend trick or treat in the nude, so make sure you wear a costume and put your dog in one too! We’ve come up with some simple doggie costume ideas that won’t bark the bank, and require no sewing, or gluing. Each of our costume ideas cost less than $5 and can even be made with items you may already have at home. Just look around your house to see what you can use to make your dog extra special this Howl-o-ween.

The Mummy Dog Costume

Everyone needs a Mummy, especially an adorable furry one. Here's what you'll need to complete your Mummy Dog:

1. Multiple Rolls of Guaze 2. Black Tea Bag

You will need enough gauze to loosely cover your dog. Make a cup of strong black tea and soak half of your gauze rolls in the tea, hang to dry.

Start with the remaining white gauze, loosely wrapping the gauze around your dogs torso. Tie the ends of the gauze together and continue wrapping your dog, pull at the gauze to give it a tattered grunge look as you wrap. Finish wrapping with the tea stained gauze allowing sections of the white gauze to show through. Loosely drape an end of the gauze over your dogs forehead and tie to collar.

Do not apply gauze tightly to your dog or around limbs. Avoid wrapping gauze around your dog's neck, instead use your dog's collar to support the gauze up to the forehead. Voila, you have an official Mummy for Howl-o-ween!

Baby Barker Costume

Make your dog an official baby by adding old baby items to create a fun Baby Barker! Here's what you'll need to complete your Baby Barker:

1. Bib

2. Pacifier

3. Single Hair Bow

4. Doggie Diapers if you have them

This one is easy, simply attach bib to your dogs neck, if your dog's neck is too large pin the bib to the collar, if your dog's neck is too small, cut or pin the bib to fit.

If your dog already wears doggie diapers use them to make this baby look complete, don't use real baby diapers on your dog because that's just wrong. Pin a Pacifier to the bib, or use a ribbon to tie it to the collar, this is just a prop so monitor your dog so the pacifier doesn't become a chew toy. Use a cute little hair clip to finish off the look and your Baby Barker is ready to be babied!

Spa Lady Costume

Every dog has it's day at the spa! Make this Howl-o-ween full of clean family fun with a Spa Lady costume. Here's what you'll need to complete your Spa Lady:

1. Bath Pouf 2. Rubber Ducky 3. Foam Hair Roller 4. Old hand or sweat towel

Wrap your dog's torso with the hand towel and roll down the top edge over the corner, pin if needed. Tie the bath pouf to the collar, do not hang over your dog's neck. If your dog has long hair roll the foam roller on the crown of the head.

You could also attach a colorful shower or swim cap to your dog using elastic or ribbon to create a party hat style strap, then cut out ear holes for your dog. Supervise your dog so the cap doesn't slip and cover your dog's nose or become a choking hazard. Now your dog is ready to be pampered!

Safe Props

With any costume always monitor your dog and never leave your dog unattended. All props and clothing should be simple to remove and safe if your dog does manage to chew on it before you can take it away. For props use items your dog already enjoys such as squeaky toys and treats to make creative fun costumes. Try attaching a fun squeaky toy animal to your dog's harness to transform your dog into a miniature horse. Old clothing such as football jerseys or tennis shorts can also make funny costumes that will make your dog howl. Have a happy and safe Howl-o-ween!

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