How to wash your dog.

Step 1: The Breakdown - Take your dog on a nice long run or a fast walk. Min 30 min for maximum dirt removal. This will wear out your dog and give you the easiest washing experience.

Step 2: The Bait & Switch - Give your dog his/her favorite treat.

Step 3: The Pre Rinse Cycle - With warm water - not hot! Rinse your dog in the tub, or kitchen sink if your dog is tiny.

Step 4: The Bait & Hook - Give your dog his/her favorite treat.

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Step 5: The Bubble Cycle - Lather your dog down in doggie shampoo, watch out for the eyes and ears.

Step 6: The Bait & Rinse - Give your dog his/her favorite treat.

Step 7: The Rinse Cycle - Rinse your dog with a cup and cup his/her nose so no water gets in his/her snout while allowing him/her to breath.

Step 8: The Drying Cycle -  Get out some towels and dry your doggie down, if he has really long hair you can blow dry him. 

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