Dogs of Peru

Peru is known for its beautiful snow capped mountains, ancient ruins, Alpacas and rich culture, however, very few know about its vast population of dogs. In Lima, the capital and largest city in Peru, many dogs are kept as pets on leash, but in the shantytowns of Lima they run free - even though Lima has regulations on animal control. Outside of Lima is another story entirely. Thousands of dogs can be seen off leash wandering towns and villages working as alarm systems, herders, and pest control.

The people of Peru are not bothered by the many dogs, and often don't even name the dogs they keep. It's common to see dogs chasing cars, socializing in packs, scavenging in dumpsters, even napping inches from the road, not even flinching as automobiles whizz by. Most appear to be feral and unkept, but when followed from one location to the next they always go to their own homes. A quick bark at a door gives the mangy looking mutts quick access to the house.

Dogs of Peru on every corner

The famous Peruvian Hairless dog, a breed with origins in pre-Inca cultures, is not the only breed to be found wandering the streets of Peru. A variety of pure bred canines and mutts can be spotted at every corner, some well cared for, others left to their own devices. Dogs of Peru all have an attitude about them that separates them from their US counterparts. With their scruffy looks you might assume they would be sad and dismal, but these pups are far from it. Many are confident, hardworking, playful, and content. They rarely run up to strangers to play or beg for treats, rather they stay alert and watch with a silent wisdom that can only be attained from a life on the streets.

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