June's Feature Dog - Weimaraner

Meet Molly, an eleven year old Weimaraner who loves to play fetch, watch birds, and sunbathe.

Every morning Molly barks to receive hugs and kisses, groaning with pleasure and whining if the affection is too brief. When it’s time for bed this vocal Weimaraner will even bark for a goodnight hug, or for the radio or television to be turned off.

Molly loves going on car rides and will attempt to jump into any open car for a lift. During parties Molly likes to sneak into the kitchen and steal food from the countertop, eagerly licking the bowls so clean one must question if the bowl was ever used.

On weekends Molly knows her owner doesn’t go into work, she expects to participate in every activity and travel to each weekend destination. If left behind she barks and whines for hours on end, something she never does during the work week!

About the Weimaraner

The Weimaraner was nicknamed the Gray Ghost, due to its light gray coat and difficulty to spot in fields at night. Bred to be a hunting dog in Weimar, Germany during the 19th century, the Weimaraner was first used by royalty to hunt large game such as bears, boar, and deer. Today the Weimaraner is still used for hunting and pointing. They make wonderful watch and guard dogs, are perfect for police work, search and rescue, service work, and agility. As puppies Weimaraners have blue eyes that later change to an amazing amber color.

Weimaraners are highly intelligent, happy, loving dogs that make wonderful companions, and are protective of their families. They can be territorial so proper training and socialization is important while they are young to prevent aggression. They are very active and can be high-strung and stubborn, needing plenty of exercise and a good variation of training to prevent them from getting bored. Like Molly, this breed is known for stealing food off of tables and countertops if the opportunity arises.

Weimaraners are prone to bloat, a very painful condition in deep chested dogs, where the stomach twists upon itself. Bloat can cause death if not treated promptly. It can be prevented by breaking up feedings to twice per day, and not exercising or running the dog after eating, which can cause the filled stomach to flip.

For more information on the beautiful Weimaraner or to adopt please visit the Weimaraner Club of America at www.weimclubamerica.org. You can see the smartest dog in the world on our blogpost http://dog-chatter.myshopify.com/blogs/barkworthy/50579907-meet-the-smartest-dog-in-the-world

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