May’s Feature Dog – Chihuahua

Meet Cream, a two year old, four pound Chihuahua who loves to wear pink. Cream is an independent girl who likes to explore and make new friends. She enjoys long naps, short walks, and any clothes that make her ears look big.

Her favorite activities include hanging out with her friends, investigating the neighborhood, and running up to strangers just to say “Hello!” Cream enjoys rolling in anything smelly that she may encounter during her walks, and she doesn’t mind sharing her discoveries with friends.

About the Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is the smallest breed in the world, and was named after the Mexican State of Chihuahua, where the breed was first discovered. There are many theories of the true origin of this little dog. Some believe they came over from Europe, originating in Malta, while others believe they came from China. Wherever their origins, the Chihuahua was considered holy to Pre-Columbian Indian nations, and is still popular today!

This protective breed is very territorial, proud, loyal, and adventurous. They love attention, but can become saucy and yappy if over coddled by their owners. Chihuahuas can be very ‘breedist’, preferring to stick with their own, while not getting along well non-Chihuahua dogs. They are intelligent, lively and strong willed, so exercise and plenty of training is recommended for this breed.

Many Chihuahuas don't like children and can become unpredictable and suspicious, causing them to snap. This behavior is mostly caused by their owners who tend to spoil and coddle them because they are so tiny and cute. Families who are considering a Chihuahua should take care to establish a pack leader, while following a regular training and exercise routine for the dog.

Chihuahuas come in smooth or long coat variations, and weigh between three to six pounds. They can suffer from health issues such as hypoglycemia, colds, glaucoma, and easy weight gain. They are sensitive to cold, so clothing is recommended in cold environments. This amazing little dog can be difficult to train, but fun to dress up, and make excellent companions. For more information on the Chihuahua or to adopt please visit the Chihuahua Rescue & Transport Inc. at To View another blog post on a Chihuahua meet Ziggy

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