Dock Jumping Splash Dogs!

It’s that time of year again and all sorts of water loving, retrieving, dock jumping dogs are participating in the Splash Dogs competitions. Splash Dogs is a nationally recognized dog enthusiast company that organizes and promotes dock jumping events across the United States.

Splash Dogs was founded seven years ago by Tony Reed, after his Black Labrador, Sierra, first showed her enthusiasm for dock jumping by springing off a dock at the Pittsburg Marina in California. At the time there were very few coordinated dock jumping and diving events for dogs, and so Splash Dogs was born. Open to all breeds and sizes, the Splash Dogs events track overall and individual rankings of the jumpers by class, Open and Lap Dog classes. The Open class allows any dog to compete in all division levels of competition, while the Lap Dog class allows dogs 16 inches or less to compete against dogs in the same height range.

Splash Dogs Compete

As of today, the Splash Dogs record holder was made by Aries, a Pitbull Lab-mix, who jumped 27.8 feet! The dogs compete for the Splash Dogs Division Title instead of for money or prizes, “How far they jump defines the winner. We don’t compete for money or prizes because we simply want the dogs and their families to have fun,” says Tony who strives to provide a family oriented competitive atmosphere. The Splash Dogs event even offers a Junior Handler Program to encourage youth involvement and promote responsible pet ownership. Junior Handlers ages six to sixteen, can even compete for a Division Title as long as their dog hasn’t competed with another person.

What is so amazing about Splash Dogs are the dogs themselves, some get so excited to jump off the dock they can hardly contain themselves. Before the jump many dogs lunge for the dock, pacing with such anxiousness they almost appear to crawl out of their own skin. Once a dog’s turn has arrived they run up the stairs and wait for their owner to throw a toy or ball into the pool. Some dogs fly off the dock like superman after a rocket, while others simply belly flop into the pool, paws forward bracing themselves for the cold splash. Occasionally, newbies to dock jumping run to the edge and screech to a halt, pawing the edge of the dock anxiously awaiting the moment their owners will jump in and retrieve the ball for them.

No matter what the jumping style is, to watch a giant Golden Retriever, or a tiny Jack Russell Terrier take such pleasure in leaping off a dock into a pool of icy water is fantastic. “If I get an email that says someone had the greatest time with their dog at the event, it makes it all worthwhile,” says Tony who greatly appreciates all of his participants.

Experienced dock divers and first time water-goers are all welcome to the Splash Dogs events. To learn more about Splash Dogs or to enter your dog into an event please visit To see some other dog sports check out the Dog Bowl



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