Bowtiful Hot Bows!


Have you been looking high and bow for fun hair bows for your dog? Well now you can say “It’s abowt time!” Introducing Hot Bows, the latest in canine fashion. These amazing bows can be sported by any dog, from long haired to short, boy or girl, there's a bow for every pooch. Even people are sporting these stylish bows to coordinate with their beloved pups!

Hot Bows entered the K9 fashion world in 2004 when Dara Samson, owner of Wags to Whiskers Pet Grooming, wanted to offer affordable and interesting bows to her customers. “At that time the only bows available were cheap and would fall apart, or they were really expensive show bows that cost over $20 per bow,” says Dara of her limited options.

Before launching her successful grooming business in 1999, Dara had worked in the Fashion Industry, so designing such beautiful hair bows was a no brainer for her. Located in Southern California, Dara had access to many garment district shops and knew exactly where to find amazing pieces for her bows. She began by creating unique pieces for boys, following with fun seasonal bows, and cute ‘girly’ bows.

She invented her own non toxic fabric stiffener to keep the bows ridged so they maintain their shape and color. Made with high quality materials, Hot Bows can be worn on top-knots, ears, and collars. “Everything has some comedy and fun in it,” says Dara of her fun inspired bows that are made in Long Beach California.

How to use Hot Bows

With 60 to 80 bow styles to choose from, ranging from $4.50 to $8 per bow, these durable and affordable bows come with the option of a French clip, or two latex bands on the back. Groomers prefer the latex bands, but our favorite is the simple to use French clip. To set the French clip you must first tie your dog’s ponytail or top-knot with a goody rubber band, snap the French clip Hot Bow over it and your dog is styling!

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Hot Bows Cupcake

One of the most important members of the business is the Hot Bows spokes model, a two year old Toy Poodle named Cupcake. Cupcake travels with Dara to all of the trade shows and events, showing off the hottest bows of the season.

At first glance this adorable poodle looks like nothing more than a stuffed toy, sitting on a pillow perch, next to an assortment of bows. Suddenly the toy jumps down to greet visitors with a dainty gait and wagging tail, surprising everyone around. Cupcake doesn't hesitate to demonstrate how each bow will look with a classic poodle pouf, because she loves to be the center of attention, and sporting designer bows is the perfect way to do so. She also enjoys entertaining people with her tricks such as high five, play dead, and sit up like a chipmunk.

Away from work Dara and Cupcake enjoy visiting schools where kids can sit and pet Cupcake. “She gets along so well with them,” says Dara of her kid loving dog. Cupcake also loves other animals and is quick to make friends with cats and bunny rabbits, her favorite bunny being a black angora mix named Boo. Boo came into Wags to Whiskers to have her nails cut when Cupcake fell in love with her, “Now Cupcake gets excited when she sees Boo, and she kisses Boo’s ears,” says Dara of her funny poodle.

At home Cupcake enjoys hanging out with Dara’s three other dogs, Bailey a Carin Terrier, Teddy a Chihuahua, and Gidget a senile old Pug. Cupcake’s favorite activities include wrestling with Gidget, sunbathing, showing off, and looking at herself in the mirror. She loves to be hand fed, rather than eating out of a bowl, and she sleeps on Dara’s bed. She is the epitome of a spoiled dog but her intelligence, adorable nature, and skill for stylin' Hot Bows make up for it!

For more information or to shop please visit Hot Bows at If you live in the Long Beach area and would like to have your dog groomed at Wags to Whiskers please visit



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