K9 Duds for Rockin’ Dogs

Do you feel like your dog’s inner rock star is trapped inside a world of foo-foo fashion, laced in pink ruffles, and cutesy, sickly-sweet dog clothes? Well look no further because K9 Duds has arrived on the scene! K9 Duds sports a european rock star feel, with a funky and fresh style. Started in 2004, this family business is run by mother Rosie Klepper, her two talented children Nicole and Jeff, and their adorable Yorkshire Terrier Charlie who acts as the K9 Duds Vice President. Together they have created a line that boasts edgy underground London street fashion, while remaining stylish enough for all women to enjoy, and cool enough for any man to proudly walk his dog in.

Based in Calabasas, California, K9 Duds is a stones throw away from the influential Los Angeles fashion market. “We look at what people are wearing, dog clothing is going in that direction, and people are looking for a higher quality product,” says Nicole who loves creating fun, rock and roll inspired, verbiage tanks and hoodies. Each season they come up with new lines, experimenting with different dyes, embellishments, artwork, and slogans. With fun tank tops and hoodies that say things such as ‘Rock Star’, ‘Little Punk’, ‘Bad Attitude’, and ‘Little Devil’, their hottest selling tank says ‘Talk shit get bit’.

Proudly made in the USA, K9 Duds clothing gets softer with each wash, are made with a unisex style for any trendy dog, and features a shorter ‘boy’ cut keeping clothes dry on leg lifting boys.

Growing in popularity, K9 Duds is a huge hit in London, Sweden, Norway, and Japan. The funky dog clothes have appeared on several national and international talk shows, and can be seen on the dogs of various celebrities such as Britney Spears, Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, and Miley Cyrus. For those who truly love K9 Duds there is even a coordinating clothing line for people called Rock & Love.

The best part about K9 Duds is the family behind it. Rosie, a whiz at inventory, enjoys assisting stores with their orders. She takes special care to match each boutique with the best selling inventory for their specific city. “She’s like a human database,” says Nicole of her adorable mother, “she is the heart and soul of the business.

Nicole has a quirky sense of humor that makes her a joy to speak with, humor that is a bonus when creating funny shirt slogans. She laughs about her ‘nerdy side’ that gives her a flare for the technology end of the business, where she advertises and tweets her way into the hearts of dog lovers everywhere. Jeff, the money man, can be found behind the scenes crunching the numbers. Ironic, since he’s an English major getting his PhD, but he is no stranger to the marketing end of K9 Duds and is known for his fantastic press releases.

Then there is Charlie, the hardest working member of the family. Charlie must continually portray the cool, punk rock, bad to the bone K9 persona that the line is known for. Okay, maybe his job isn’t so difficult, especially since Charlie has been called out on his attitude “He’s moody and looks at you with stink eye,” laughs Nicole when describing her punk dog, “you have to earn it with Charlie!”

Although Charlie is the spokesmodel for K9 Duds, he is not one of the models on the site. “The dogs on the site are his skinny body doubles” says Nicole of the five year old, 19.6 lbs. yorkie, who would rather spend his time schmoozing with celebrities like Norm MacDonald. Charlie loves to be pampered, groomed, and eat. His favorite hang out spot is in a Pet Flys carrier, and he particularly loves the carrier he had as a puppy. Even though the carrier is many sizes too small Charlie will still jam himself inside the tiny carrier “When he sees it he chases after it until you put it down,” says Nicole of her funny dog.

Charlie also likes to boss around Rusty, a 12 year old golden retriever. If Rusty wants to go into a room Charlie runs ahead and waits in the room, jumping at Rusty when he enters. Rusty is a pleaser who likes to sleep and bark at the birds. “He is just a good dog who allows Charlie to do anything,” says Nicole “Charlie’s the king, a typical male, he marks his territory everywhere.”

K9 Duds loves to give people the opportunity to ‘Rock Out’ their dogs, while giving back at the same time. Each year K9 Duds donates to rescue organizations, and every month they donate charity baskets for organizations, such as the SPCA Los Angeles, to auction off at fundraisers.

For more information on K9 Duds please visit their site at www.k9duds.com. To learn more about Rock & Love Clothing please visit www.roackandlove.net.

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