From Service Dog to Surfice Dog!


Ricochet the surfing dog has raised over $10,000 for Patrick Ivison. Her sponsor, the Rose Foundation, awarded a grant to cover three years of Patrick's physical therapy at Project Walk®. Patrick’s original goal was to walk with assistance of a walker at his high school graduation, amazingly he achieved his goal years before graduation, encouraged and inspired by Ricochet’s surfing fundraiser.

Ricochet’s inspirational journey from puppy to fundraising for Patrick can be seen in this amazing video that has gone viral. Wit h millions of views, the video has touched people all over the world and has generated over $8,570 (and counting) in donations from all over the world including Canada, The UK, Taiwan, Japan, The Netherlands, and New Zealand. The video is so touching it has a “kleenex alert” warning that should be heeded! For more about Ricochet read her story here.

You can view our blog post on Ricochet here

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