A Valentine for Ziggy

Once upon a time in a land called L.A., there was a homeless, timid, young Chihuahua mix named Snowflake. Abandoned simply because his family didn’t care enough to pay $200 for an operation, Snowflake ended up at the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation, an organization dedicated to the rescue of abused and abandoned animals in the Los Angeles area.

Unbeknownst to Snowflake, this was a blessing in disguise, as he had obvious signs of abuse, was malnourished, and would cower when anyone moved. Linda Blair knew this sweet little dog needed a special home so she contacted celebrity pet photographer, Christopher Ameruoso, to see if he could help place this lovable little dog. Christopher immediately thought of his good friend and award-winning actor, Steve Valentine, with whom he was involved in various animal rights movements and organizations.

Steve Valentine is best known for his role as Nigel Townsend on the hit NBC crime drama, Crossing Jordan. He has guest starred on shows such as House M.D., Monk, and Will & Grace. Steve has also been seen in films such as Spider Man 3 and Mars Attacks!

Steve didn’t stand a chance once the big, hazel eyes of the snowy white dog gazed up at him. It was love at first sight and he took Snowflake home the same day, but not before changing Snowflake’s name to Ziggy! The name Ziggy was adventurous and confident, very fitting for the life this little dog was about to receive.

Steve is currently working on the new Disney XD show ‘I’m in the Band,’ where he has the luxury of having Ziggy accompany him on the production lot. “It’s great to work on one of the only lots in Hollywood that allows pets,” says Steve of the amazing pet friendly studio that even has a secure grass run where the dogs can stretch their legs.

No one is ashamed to admit that Ziggy runs the set of ‘I’m in the Band.’ Before filming, both Steve and Ziggy get dressed up over in wardrobe, where Ziggy gets fitted in the most stylish rock star tees and accessories. However, there is a wanted poster for him in wardrobe because he chewed up a sweater, but everyone just laughs it off while giving him affection in lieu of punishment.

Steve’s dressing room has been claimed by Ziggy, which is filled with his favorite toys and torn socks, but when locked inside he barks to be released. “He is surrounded by girls all day, and people argue about where he should be. Everyone in the crew and the offices want to play with him and hang out,” says Steve of the highly adored dog.

Ziggy has not yet made an appearance on the show but Steve is working on it, “They did film him for one episode, but it got cut. We hope he will get on the show at some point!” says Steve of his little Rock Star.

Ziggy’s favorite activities include chasing laser beams, teasing or greeting the neighborhood dogs, and chasing coyotes. His special talent is singing on cue, a skill he learned while mimicking Steve during vocal warmups on the way to work. Ziggy loves bone marrow treats, sleeping on the bed while tucked into Steve’s left armpit, and hanging out with Steve’s amazing fiancé Inna Korobkina.

Before Ziggy, Steve would laugh about people who had photo albums filled with their dog photos. Now he has over 80 photos of Ziggy on his iPhone that he loves to show off. “It’s nice to wake up in the morning and see Ziggy, he makes me laugh,” says Steve of his Chihuahua Jack Russell Terrier Mix he calls a ‘Chi-zle.’

Ziggy’s life went from a dismal and lonely existence to an amazing fantasy that people can only dream about. He walks the doggie red carpet, while hobnobbing with all sorts of celebrities and stars. “I never thought I would ever have a pet, and now I’m definitely a dog person. I’m complete now,” says Steve. After meeting Ziggy we know that the feeling is mutual, Ziggy is also complete. He has received the best Valentine any dog could ask for, a human named Steve.

To learn more about Steve Valentine please follow his blog at stevevalentineinhollywood.blogspot.com. For more information on the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation please visit lindablairworldheart.org. To learn more about Christopher Ameruoso and his amazing photography please visit www.chrisaphoto.com.

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