Everything under one woof and hoof!

Birds of a feather flock together, but how about a pig, dogs, miniature horses, and many other animals flocking together?

Located in Winchester, California, the Animals First Pet Resort is home to many wonderful animals that provide education, entertainment, and companionship to people and animals alike. The resort’s slogan is ‘Everything under one woof and hoof!’

Three Miniature Horses are the first to greet visitors to Animals First property, followed by a large bristly black pig named Hammy Hamlet. There are four horses, two cats, a few moles, and of course, dogs. The pet resort is filled with the sounds of birds chirping, cats meowing, horses neighing, and wind rustling through the dry desert. However, with dogs being the number one inhabitants of the property, they are the most quiet residents, content basking in the sun and frolicking in the doggie playground.

Days are filled with joyful laughter as people observe the animals doing funny activities and tricks. Dolly, a seven year Palomino Horse, sticks out her tongue for horse licorice, while Cally Ally the Cavalier King Charles burrows for moles, and pig Hammy Hamlet sits on command, smiling for banana peels.

Animals First is owned by Marc and Sandie Taylor who live and work on the two and half acre property. When they purchased the property nine years ago, the house had been condemned. The barn, once home to goats and sheep, had floors so caked with feces that the concrete floors were invisible. Sandie and Marc completely remodeled the property, planting trees, reclaiming the barn, and transforming it into an animal oasis.

The Animals First offers dog and cat boarding, doggie day care, professional grooming, and training. There is even a Dog-ccessories Pet Store to purchase unique pet supplies. The facility boasts luxury theme pet suites such as the Hawaiian Getaway Dog Suite, a doggie playground, designer cat suites, and a spacious nine-stall show barn for horses.


Sandie, originally from England, always dreamed of working with animals. “As a child, if I heard a horse clip-clopping on the road, I just had to go outside to see it,” says

Sandie. “I love bringing everything under one woof!” Sandie began her animal career working for Canine Companions for Independence, training Service Dogs.

Marc, born in Ohio, is an ordained pastor who almost became a Missionary before starting the Animals First business with Sandie. Married for 14 years, Sandie and Marc feel complete working full time with animals. They rescue Cavalier King Charles dogs, and even foster children in need of a loving home. In the event of fire emergencies they open their facility to animal control and rescues. During the last San Diego fire they took in 76 dogs, cats, and horses. “The horses were evacuated and horse trailers came in convoys that were lined up down the street,” says Sandie who even housed a family with five horses, three dogs, and two adults.

With all of the amazing and charitable things they do, Sandie and Marc continue to do God’s work through the animals. By attending special events, charities, and doing therapy work with sick and elderly people, Marc and Sandie can bring the joy and love they receive from the animals to others. Their beloved Golden Retrievers, Passion and Faithful, are always ready for some therapy treatment, along with pig Hammy Hamlet and a miniature pony named Hippo. Hippo, who is the size of a large dog, is welcome in Retirement homes. “He’s not housebroken but he’s never had an accident yet,” says Sandie of Hippo who also accompanies Police Horses at events.

Animals First is the perfect place to take a pet, Sandie and Marc are always at their ‘bark and call’ and take special measures to ensure the safety and well being of the animals. People come from all over the country to board their pets with them. One client flew their Maltese from Florida to California so they could have piece of mind during their three week Australian vacation. Another time, a Bichon Frisé and a Newfoundland stayed at Animals First for 10 months while the owners transferred jobs to New York.

At Animals First the animals get regular exercise, feeding, entertainment, and companionship leaving them happy and content. Even the neighbor’s dog comes over everyday to hang out and observe, it seems he likes it better than his own yard! For more information or to board your dog or cat please visit www.animalsfirst4u.com.

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