Chi WOW WOW to the rescue!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no - it’s Super Chi WOW WOW flying off shelves in pet boutiques across the globe. If you haven’t heard of the Chi WOW WOW brand then it’s time to catch up with the hottest trend in Doggie Fashion.

The original designer of Vintage Streetwear for the Metrosexual Canine, Chi WOW WOW manufactures chic hoodies, tees, jackets, and sling over carriers made of vintage and recycled t-shirts. Not to mention cool accessories such as doggie backpacks and street bling jewelry. There is even a line of clothing made for hip girl dogs called IZZY GALORE, and an exclusive line of doggie duds featuring the fantastic Marvel Comic characters.

Chi WOW WOW inspiration and chairdog, Elvis Paxton, was the first to adorn the awesome that is Chi WOW WOW, when his owner Carolyn Paxton made him a tee from a vintage Captain America T-shirt she cherished as a child. Elvis received so much attention from the funky tee that Carolyn decided to start her own line of vintage inspired dog clothing. Assisted by his Sales and Marketing team, Izzy Galore and Django, these three Chihuahuas have made a name for themselves in the Chi world.

Elvis was eight years old when adopted by Carolyn. “It was love at first sight,” says Carolyn of the adorable white faced Chi who was sick and needed special attention. “I took Elvis everywhere with me, he was so calm and lovable, it was just me and him.” Although Elvis’s origins are unknown, Carolyn imagines he came from the barrio and knows his way around the streets. During walks he is very alpha and can work a room of people or dogs winning everyone over. He enjoys ice cream, is crazy for tortillas, and loves to drink algae water from a planter. “He looks at me like ‘You should try it, it’s great!’” says Carolyn who has yet to sample the tasty runoff.

Sadly, in June a brain tumor caused Elvis to go blind and suffer from seizures. Now walks are via stroller, where Elvis leans way out over the edge and rolls out if he hears a dog. “I have to strap him in because he does head flips out and lands on his feet,” says Carolyn “he doesn’t see anything wrong with it!” Elvis’s daredevil moves have made Carolyn an expert at doing wheelies to make him sit back. “He wants everyone to know he is the king, even though he is blind.”

The second addition to the Chi WOW WOW family was Izzy. Rescued as a young Chi, Carolyn had hoped Izzy would be the perfect model for a Chi WOW WOW girl’s line she named IZZY GALORE. However, Izzy was a total tomboy, “She doesn’t belong in dresses, she looks silly!” says Carolyn who first designed a mod bellbottomed bodysuit for Izzy that sold like crazy in Japan. Today Izzy only sports hoodies or tanks if it’s cold, and she absolutely hates it. “She would much rather that I owned and operated a chicken farm,” says Carolyn of her fashion resistant Chi. Izzy loves all toys and will play with them like mad, her favorite being a giant stuffed octopus. She is very gracious with company and will slip into the guest room for early morning greetings and snuggles before breakfast.

Django, a one year old Chi, is the most recent addition to the household, and also a shelter rescue. The perfect little fit model, Django is still getting used to wearing clothing, unlike Elvis who loves it. In love with the concept of eating but not the action, Django is like a skeleton and will only eat dog cookies. “I’m trying to put weight on him, but he fools around with the food, then Izzy moves in and eats all his food,” says Carolyn of her skinny Chi, “Django is getting skinnier while Izzy is getting fatter!”

All three Chi’s sleep with Carolyn in a king sized bed. Sometimes Carolyn finds herself in the most cramped and awkward position, with Elvis under her armpit and Izzy and Django under the covers. Carolyn doesn’t mind a bit and dotes on her beloved Chi’s in a manner that is captivating. The love for her Chihuahuas shines through her clothing line which she enjoys designing with such attention to detail.

Chi WOW WOW is in almost every major city in the world with the biggest markets in Japan and the USA. It has a huge following in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Dubai, and Russia. The Vintage line is the most popular with the reversible Hoodies, made from recycled t-shirts, and the Sling Over Carriers, made from recycled jeans, being the best selling items. Each item is one of a kind and die hard fans purchase handfuls of hoodies and multiple carriers at a time.

With all of the success Chi WOW WOW has received since its launch in 2004, giving back has been a major factor for Carolyn, who started the Elvis Fund. “The Elvis fund has so much meaning because I don’t know how much longer Elvis is going to be around,” says Carolyn who gives a large portion of her profits to the Elvis Fund managed by the Pasadena Community Foundation. Every year Carolyn awards grants to organizations that educate the public on animal responsibility: “We have a lot of problems with homeless animals, it gets back to educating the public on spaying neutering and adopting versus purchasing.”

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