November’s Feature Dog - Pembroke Corgi

Meet Brandy, a five year old Pembroke Corgi who loves being the center of attention. Her favorite activities include playing fetch, going on long walks, and barking for attention in groups of three or more. Brandy can be seen on TV as the star of a doggie daycare advertisement, and is often seen in public sporting bright red lipstick kiss marks on her forehead from her owners loving kisses.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi originated from Pembrokeshire, Wales and is one of the oldest and smallest of the herding dog breeds. The Corgi, meaning “dog” in Celtic, comes in two breeds; the Pembroke and the Cardigan. The Pembroke is distinguished by its lack of a tail and lighter coat, while the Cardigan Corgi has a long tail and slightly longer body.

In the 10th century Corgis were used to herd cattle, sheep, and horses by barking and nipping at the heels of the herd. Their short legs and long bodies allowed them to roll out of the way of kicking cattle while herding. Hard-working, loyal, active and intelligent, Pembroke Corgis are friendly, outgoing, alert, and make great watchdogs. They are most famous for being the favorite breed of Queen Elizabeth II who currently owns seven Corgis.

Corgis can easily become overweight and must be exercised regularly. Care must be taken when feeding because excessive weight gain can cause serious back problems.

For more information or to adopt a Pembroke Corgi please visit the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America at If you need to get your Corgi is shape view our blog post


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