T & K Grr-Reviews on Bamboo Products

Tiffany & Kimber have pawstakingly tested and sniffed the FurBuster and Silicone Travel Bowls made by Bamboo. They dug around the backyard to get all of the dirt on these two interesting products, and have chewed on the tough questions that Dog Chatterers want to know. Here are their Grr-Reviews:


FurBuster Grr-Review by Tiffany

Upon initial sniff test the FurBuster passed with no detection of harsh odors that would offend my good senses. This tool is not right for my smooth non shedding Yorkie hair, so my friends Chase and Brandy offered up their fur coats as my guinea-dogs.

Chase, a 135 pound Alaskan Malamute suffers from an super thick coat that sheds constantly. Can you imagine being trapped in that hot sweater all summer? He could use a puppy cut...

After using the FurBuster his coat appeared smoother and shorter. His friends even asked if he dropped a few pounds, I guess they thought he was a Husky before - Grrr-eee-hee-hee! Anywoof, he said there was less hair on the bed, and fewer dust bunnies around the house. This time we'll pass on the puppy cut for you Chase!

Brandy, a saucy little Corgi with a very thick undercoat, has been using another de-shedding tool that we can’t name because she chewed the label off the handle. I think her inner-woof was trying to tell her something. We tested both de-shedding tools and noticed that the no name tool grabbed her coat and ripped out thick chunks of her undercoat, no wonder she chewed the handle. The FurBuster felt very different, it easily slid through her coat while gently removing her undercoat.

Overall, the no name de-shedder tool removed more fur than the FurBuster, but might be a challenge to use on sensitive dogs. Brandy’s one tough little dog cookie and can handle the no name tool, but it made my skin crawl to watch her fur get ripped out. Chase is a bit of a baby and would need to stick with the FurBuster, it still does the job of removing the undercoat and is more gentle.

Here’s some more info on the FurBuster:

• Easy to use and actually works. • Affordably priced at less than $30, replacement blades start at $10. • Switch blades out for different sized pets or if they become dull. • Blades available in sizes small 2”, medium 2.75” and large 4”. • Designed in California and Made in China.

Hope you enjoyed my Grr-Review,

Tiffany Dog Chatter K9 Representative

Silicone Travel Bowls Grr-Review by Kimber

Have you ever suffered from travel bowl deficiency? It’s the state of lacking a bowl while traveling with your dog and your dog gets thirsty, so you donate your water bottle to the 'love of doggie' cause resulting in your own dehydration. Congratulations! It's time to end your deficiency with the new Silicone Travel Bowls by Bamboo!

These bowls are so Grrreat! No, I’m not being paid by the Bamboo company to say that, even though they should pay me just for being so adorable and fluffy. Now, imagine a bowl that fits into your back pocket, quickly dries with a flick of the wrist, and is big enough to quench any pup's thirst. Woof, there it is!

The Silicone Travel Bowl are:

• PVC and BPA free • Top rack dishwasher safe • Come in pink, green, and blue • Available in 1 Cup and 3 Cup sizes • Collapse down to less than 1/2” • Made in China

I love my pink travel bowl, I’ve used it at the park, the mall, work, in the car, on my patio, during walks, after struggling to get out of this hideous foo-foo purple and white, ruffly, tiny, pouffy, vintage inspired little number my mom bought me last year for my birthday, that I had to bury in the backyard when she wasn’t looking, and blamed it on my neighbor when - Oh! Sorry.

Anywoof, water and food don't stick to these bowls, and they are strong so you don't have to worry about them cracking or leaking. These bowls are Grrreat so make sure you get one in pink! Okay, any color you like, but you should get one. You won’t find the Silicone Travel Bowls or the FurBuster in our DOG e STORE because we only sell USA made, but you can get more info on all Bamboo products at bamboopet.com.

Keep up the good dog chatter!

Kimber Dog Chatter K9 Representative

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