October's Feature Dog - French Bulldog

Meet Sophie and Louie, one year old French Bulldogs with attitude! Their favorite pastimes include chewing caps off of empty water bottles and cuddling together while snoozing. Sophie always wears a smile and loves to greet people with her dad’s house slipper as a friendly offering. She takes care of Louie by licking his ears clean and sharing her rawhide bones.

Louie loves chomping on ice and guarding his beloved Sophie. He uses the manipulative power of his fanged underbite to intimidate larger dogs. With a simple squint of his eyes he can win anyone over with his devilish grin.

The French Bulldog, also known as the Frenchie, Clown, and Frog Dog, is a happy-go-lucky, alert, yet gentle dog. Originating from the English Bulldog, it is believed that 19th Century English Lacemakers immigrated to France with the undesirable, undersized English Bulldogs to use as ratters. Soon these little Bulldogs became very popular in France as loyal companions, and thus the French Bulldog was born!

Weighing between 20 - 28 pounds, Frenchies are compact and muscular with a snub nose, smooth coat, “bat ears”, and a naturally short nub tail. They require minimal exercise and grooming. Due to their flat noses and bulky shape they cannot regulate their own body temperature efficiently, making hot or humid weather a serious danger.

Although these little dogs look tough, they perform best as lap dogs and love to clown around. They may become aggressive when allowed to believe they are alpha, so care must be taken in establishing leadership with owners and children. The French Bulldog is known to suffer from a variety of health conditions so proper education and adequate pet insurance is recommended when looking to own this breed.

For more information or to adopt a Frenchie please visit the French Bulldog Club of America at www.frenchbulldogclub.org To learn more about playtime and safety with your Frenchies view our blog post http://dog-chatter.myshopify.com/blogs/barkworthy/50580739-dog-toys-playtime-and-safety

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