August's Feature Dog Biewer Yorkie

Meet Kimber a three year old, four pound, Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom-Pon - wow that’s a mouthful, we just call her a Biewer Yorkie! She loves to spring into action during play time, bouncing around like a squirrel in a tree. Her favorite activities include sunbathing, hide-n-go seek, wrestling, and outdoor cafe dining. She dislikes car rides and squeaking noises, and her best skill is looking cute in front of the camera.

Kimber has been voted as Dog Chatter’s August Feature Dog. She is also Dog Chatter’s K9 Representative alongside her standard Yorkshire Terrier sister, Tiffany.

The Biewer (pronounced ‘Bee-Vair’) Yorkie is a young breed that originated in Hunsruck, Germany in 1984. Named after founding breeders Werner and Gertrude Biewer, the first Biewer Yorkies were created when two standard Yorkshire Terriers containing a recessive Piebald gene (having patches of black and white or other colors), were bred and had puppies with white banding.

Mr. and Mrs. Biewer loved the look of the puppies so much they continued breeding this recessive gene until they had a Yorkie with a white underbelly, chest, legs and tail, a blue/black/white back, and gold only on the face. The tails are not docked, due to a German ban on docking tails, but are kept long and flowing. The coat is straight, silky and hypoallergenic, as Biewer Yorkies have hair and not fur. Weighing between 4-9 pounds they are tiny bundles of joy.

Officially accepted into the German ACH Pedigree Registry in 1986, Biewer Yorkies are not the same as Parti Colour Yorkies. Each true Biewer Yorkie can be traced back from the original two Piebald gene carrying German Biewer Yorkshire Terriers.

Intelligent, bold, and lively Biewer Yorkies love to play and make good guard dogs, barking immediately if they sense danger. They can be independent and stubborn, so patience is needed training and housebreaking them.

For more information on Biewer Yorkies please visit the Biewer Breed Club of America Inc, BBCA at To see our blog on how to pick the right breed for yourself visit

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