Shape up with Doggy & Me Fitness!

Finding time to take your dog on a meaningful walk and exercise your own body is difficult with a busy schedule! Now you can run two dogs with one stick with Doggy & Me Fitness™ (Dog Chatter Inc. reserves the right to refuse ‘killing two birds with one stone’ as it promotes animal cruelty, and has nothing to do with dogs.)

Developed by ACE-certified personal trainer Linzi Oliver and Sgt. Peeks, her K9PT (Canine Personal Trainer), Doggy & Me Fitness™ offers both private and group classes that will get you and your dog in shape.

“I saw a Mommy and Me Fitness Class and I thought why not Doggy and Me?” says Linzi of her brilliant fitness program. This fun outdoor fitness program is the first of its kind in Northern California. It offers classes five days a week in various San Francisco locations and will be expanding to other cities soon.

Afraid you or your pooch can’t handle the burn? Well fear not, this fitness program is designed to let you take it slow and steady, or run with the pack! It all starts with a good stretch, downward facing dog, then a quick warmup, up, up the steep hills of San Francisco. Focusing on strength and endurance this workout is mixed with cardio and resistance training. You and your dog will practice your panting technique, and your dog will spot you while you tone and sculpt your body.

If you don’t have a dog but want to participate simply borrow your lazy neighbor’s best friend or Sgt. Peeks can be your stand in. This eight year old Rottweiler Beagle mix was rescued from a life of scavenging the streets. He now loves to provide enthusiasm and support with each exercise. Every workout is different to add muscle confusion and burn the maximum calories. Activities include walking, jogging, hill work, stair-climbing, strength training, calisthenics, resistance bands, abdominal work, and stretching.

Doggy & Me Fitness™ has received much positive feedback. “Clients tell me their dogs are calmer, have fewer behavior problems, and best of all are tired!” says Linzi, “The dogs benefit from being around other dogs, and they all get along so well!” Even Sgt. Peeks has benefited from being a K9PT, he spends more quality time with Linzi and has lost weight. “When I only trained people Peeks would pace a lot at home waiting from me to return,” says Linzi, “Now he definitely knows when it’s time to go to work, he loves having ‘a job’, and seeing the familiar returning faces. He is healthier and happier!”

At the end of each workout Sgt. Peeks will check everyone’s heart rate as Linzi rewards the people with a deep stretch, and the dogs with a delicious treat. If you are lucky Sgt. Peaks will even sing a song, his favorite way to express his happy appreciation for his new life as a K9PT. “After six years of helping humans impact their health it feels great to help the dogs,” says Linzi.

Doggy & Me Fitness™ is expanding to other cities, for more information or to attend a class please visit Doggy & Me Fitness™ at

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