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San Francisco is renowned for its culture, dining, architecture, cable cars, and now - Cheeko B Pet Boutique. Located near Union Square this boutique has been called the Crème de la Crème of doggie stores.

Opened in March 2008 by Kattya and Patrick Breitenbach, Cheeko B features designer clothing, collars, toys, treats, and other unique items. Kattya loved shopping for her dogs but couldn’t find many places with unique doggie items, so she used her experience in developing San Francisco and Napa Valley Spas to open Cheeko B. The hardest part in the seven-month development was finding a location, “People didn’t understand what a Pet Boutique was, they thought we wanted to board dogs,” says Kattya, “we finally found a landlord who had a dog and understood the concept” - thus Cheeko B came to fruition.

Cheeko B has two canine representatives, Cheeko and Frankie. Cheeko is a five year old Chihuahua Jack Russel mix, and the boutique K9 owner. Frankie, a two year old Chihuahua, is the customer service representative. Cheeko and Frankie were named in memory of Kattya’s father Francisco, whose nicknames were Chico and Frank. “Cheeko and Frankie love working in the boutique,” says Kattya “but they are constantly sleeping on the job!”

Cheeko and Frankie are living it up at the Cheeko B Pet Boutique. They have an unlimited assortment of treats and kibble to sample, every kind of designer outfit and accessory to sport, and all the newest toys to play with. Cheeko even has a body double! Doggie mannequins made by BADSF Inc. in Cheeko’s image are displayed all over the store. “Sometimes we catch Cheeko sniffing the mannequin as if it were a real dog,” says Kattya of her curious co-worker.

When shopping for the Boutique, Kattya looks for unique local San Francisco products. Some of these items include doggie T-shirts made from recycled children’s tees, doggie duvet covers you fill with your old clothes, and a delicious assortment of baked doggie treats and cakes. Frankie even has his own line of designer Frankie B Ties made locally out of vintage and recycled ties.

Toys and treats are Cheeko B's bestsellers, the number one item being Rippys™ Tear-Apart Dog Toy because the dog feels like the toy is being torn apart, a favorite task for most dogs. The toy makes animal sounds and the Velcro detachable limbs make a ripping sound when they are torn off. Cheeko loves his Rippys™ and other designer toys, he even has a few laying around the store. “Customers always clean up his toys and I have to laugh and tell them those are Cheeko’s toys!” says Kattya.

The beautiful shop is very organized and elegant. All the leashes, collars and clothing are neatly hung for easy perusal. They even have a wall display of doggie wigs! Cheeko and Frankie are happy to model the wigs for customers, especially since they know a delicious treat is part of the modeling contract. The original front door was replaced with Dutch doors to keep the dogs safe. The dogs can see out, air flow can come in, and it prevents people from allowing unleashed doggies to escape into the busy San Francisco streets. Cheeko loves to look out the window and greet visitors, barking a greeting at their arrival he confidently shows customers around the shop.

After a hard day's work Cheeko and Frankie relax with Patrick, “After working all day with me, they only want to spend time with Patrick,” says Kattya, “What am I, chopped liver?” The boys also enjoy playing with other dogs at the Crissy Field dog beach, and Frankie spends quality time teaching Cheeko how to howl. Frankie howls like a bird and can sing the blues, if allowed to compete he would outshine everyone on American Idol!

The Cheeko B Pet Boutique has enriched the lives of Kattya and Patrick by introducing them to so many incredible people. “It’s nice to have that sense of community with other small business owners, everyone bonds together, you can collaborate on different problems and ideas,” says Kattya. Thankfully Cheeko and Frankie agree, they are two happy and hard working dogs who help make San Francisco an even more wonderful place to visit and live. When walking through the city, Cheeko and Frankie enjoy promoting their store products. People go crazy when they see Cheeko and Frankie in their Frankie B Ties, it’s simply great advertising!

For more information on Cheeko B Pet Boutique please visit their site at

 You can view the mannequins displayed in the store here Don't Hate Me Because Im a Mannequin.

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