The Adventures of Jake & Tycho

It was 1921 when the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy first worked together in a short film titled The Lucky Dog. Today, two truly lucky dogs named Jake and Tycho star in their own comedic short films!

These adorable mutts jumped from shelter life to internet stardom, and can be seen on YouTube in a collection of humorous videos narrated from the viewpoint of Jake and Tycho.

 Jake and Tycho were adopted from a local animal shelter in 2007 by Barry and Martha, a couple from Texas looking to expand their family. Four month old Tycho was the last of four puppies and the first to go home with Barry and Martha. His mother was a chihuahua, and his father was a border collie.

Barry and Martha adopted Jake as a companion for Tycho. Upon first inspection, Jake barked like crazy and was quickly passed over - who wants a rude barker? On the second round, Jake behaved perfectly - he was sitting calmly in his cage, looking very proud and handsome. It's as if he knew he better get it right this time. Jake who is approximately nine months older than Tycho is a mix of a wiry fox terrier and schnauzer.

In June 2008 the doggie duo debuted with their first short film titled Bug Roll. Since then they have starred in over 300 videos. Martha writes most of the scripts, her only guideline is to avoid writing anything impossible to shoot. Barry shoots and edits all of the videos. It takes him 60-90 minutes to edit one short film on his Mac, using the video editing software Final Cut Pro Express. “We have so much archived footage it’s quick and easy for me” says Barry, who has worked in video production for 40 years specializing in TV commercials. Barry also provides the voices for Jake and Tycho, he gives Tycho an American Midwestern dialect and Jake a Southern Twang.

Being filmed is a normal part of life, Jake and Tycho pay no attention to the camera following them around, except for Tycho’s occasional eye roll. Most footage consists of impromptu daily activities, but special scenes will be staged if needed. A scene like like typing on the computer will require Martha to hold a dog in her lap and lean back. To perform special tricks Jake and Tycho are coaxed with their favorite doggie snacks, but junk food is kept to a minimum. “They look sad and pitiful, but we are strict with them to keep them healthy” says Martha, who occasionally treats them with a little breakfast egg in the morning.

Tycho weighs in at 31.5 pounds and is affectionate, playful, and energetic. He loves Rawhide chews, squeak toys, balls, and socks. Tycho is somewhat of a homebody and doesn’t like to venture far from home, but he does enjoy herding people and Jake. When he’s relaxed his famous snaggletooth sticks out, which works well with his “Gimme a break” attitude on camera. Tycho is a bit smarter than Jake, and this is often humorously demonstrated in the videos.

Jake is 37 pounds and 100% primal canine. He loves to chase squirrels and dig giant deep holes in the middle of the back yard. He’s not into toys very much but is always ready for a good game of sock tug of war with Tycho, especially after instructing Tycho on the proper technique of hole digging! These two former shelter dogs have become loving brothers and always play together. “You can’t help but smile when you watch them play” says Barry “It’s like two boys roughhousing.”

Barry and Martha are happy to have Jake and Tycho, and they enjoy creating fun and entertaining videos with their beloved canines. When asked if Jake and Tycho would accept roles in a Hollywood production the obvious answer was “Woof!” translation “Sure, we’re game for that!” For Jake and Tycho life is wonderful, they are no longer unwanted shelter mutts, but rather in demand internet superstars!

Here is one of our favorite Jake & Tycho videos!

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