Don’t hate me because I’m a Mannequin

Brooke Shields said "People think of me as a mannequin, all show and no substance." Like Brooke, the creators of BADSF Inc. felt people couldn't see the essence of dog mannequins, so they created the world’s first designer Dog Mannequins that are all show and substance.

Four years ago Ron Rodrigues and Nika Wynnyk formed the San Francisco based BADSF Inc. with the idea that dog mannequins should be of high quality and as amazing as the products they feature. Their custom made Dog Mannequins come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures for the pet boutique to the canine enthusiast.

In the 1950’s, Ron’s parents started a Display Mannequin company making children mannequins. Today they still make children mannequins which can be seen in stores such as Gap Kids, Baby Gap, and Gymboree. His parents began developing dog mannequins in the early 80’s as a decorative accent for department stores. Back then the department store mannequins wore stylish gowns and were posed walking their doggie mannequins in Saks Fifth Avenue.

Growing up in the Display Mannequin Industry, Ron fully understood the need for proper visual merchandising. During the 2005 pet fashion boutique explosion Ron looked closely at the available dog mannequins and noticed how cheap and ugly the plastic dogs were. “They didn’t even look like a dog, and were not breed specific” says Ron, who already had six or seven dogs in his mannequin lineup. “Dog clothing folded up doesn’t look like much, and you can’t hold it up to your dog because they don’t sit still” says Nika, who understands how easily beautiful Dog Mannequins can help sell doggie products. “Many times people walk into a store and don’t see the dog products, but with Dog Mannequins on display they suddenly realize they are in the dog department.” Very often people visit pet boutiques without their dogs, the mannequins provide them with an opportunity to see how the clothing really fits and the subtle details in the clothing design.

BADSF Inc. quality Dog Mannequins include life sized Doberman Pinchers, German Shepherds, Greyhounds, Afghan Hounds, Whippets, French Bull Dogs, Scottish Terriers, Lhasa Apsos, Dachshunds, and Chihuahuas. They even have a giant Great Dane, which confounded the worlds tallest living dog, “Gibson was so skeptical of the dog mannequin because he couldn’t believe another dog was so big” says Nika of their Dog Mannequin who greeted Gibson at a trade show. BADSF Inc. is working on a Mixed breed collection of rescue dogs. Part of the proceeds from each mannequin sale goes to dog rescues such as Rocket Dog Rescue.

The Dog Mannequins are made of the finest durable fabrics, such as poly cotton twill, soft velveteen, leather, and shaggy hair like polyester. Eco-friendly and safe the Dog Mannequins are made of an aluminum frame with recycled polyester fiber fill stuffing. The smaller Dog Mannequins are flexible and can be positioned to sit, beg, shake, look up or do most fun doggie moves. They can even be posed to play tug of war. The larger Dog Mannequins have limited flexibility but the head, tail, and ears can be positioned to give them a little doggie attitude!

These designer Dog Mannequins are not just for fancy pet boutiques! Pet product manufactures use them to show their goods at trade shows, and pet fashion designers use them as fit forms rather than having a real dog squirming around. Some people use them as decorations in their homes, and as figures to store their favorite dog clothing and jewelry. BADSF Inc. even offers pet memorial urns, supported by the SF SPCA and the Westminster Kennel Club. One can simply store the ashes of a beloved pet inside, then decorate the Dog Mannequin urn with their dogs favorite collar or sweater.


BADSF Inc. dogs are even action heroes! They make Dog Mannequin rescue dogs for military and police training, so live dogs don’t have to be used during K9 practice rescues which could lead to injury. The Dog Mannequins are weighted and true to life, and are used for demonstrations such as parachute jumps and crashing through windows. The famous dog equipment company Combat K-9, even use BADSF Dog Mannequins to display their products at military trade shows.

BADSF Inc. Dog Mannequins are a fun and wonderful way to show products or liven up your home. They are so beautiful, feel lifelike, and naturally Dog Chatter’s favorite part is: they are made in the good Old USA! For your next K9 companion consider a BADSF Dog Mannequin, because one thing is certain - their dogs are well behaved!

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