Happy Father's Day! Now where's my kiss?

It's the 3rd Sunday in June which means it's Father's Day in the USA, UK and Canada!

Wayne Andersen and his Argentine Dogo Mickey agree every day is Father's Day, as shown by Mickey's thankful and loving kisses.

Today we can have extra hugs, slobbery kisses, and maybe some yummy scraps from the table, wink wink. No plans for Father's Day? Here are 5 ideas for Doggie and Daddy quality time:

  • Play a game of fetch the neck tie.
  • Attend an all you can eat steak and kibble cookout.
  • Take a stroll around the lake and play duck duck goose, with live geese.
  • Cozy up on your La-Z-Boy and watch the 1993 K9 horror classic 'Man's Best Friend.'
  • Go for a nice cool swim then shake off on the sunbathers tanning their backs. Wait for it...

Now, if you go all crazy and party hearty today get ready, you can do it all over again September 6 because it's Father's Day in Australia and New Zealand. Who says we can't celebrate their holidays - they are US allies and huge doggie fans. Hooray!

To find cute gifts for dog and dad visit http://www.dogchannel.com/dog-lifestyle/fathers-day-gifts-for-doggie-dads.aspx

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