Run Wiener Run!

Berkeley, CA - On Saturday June 13, from 12 to 6 PM, Golden Gate Fields horse racing track was home to this seasons first Northern California Wiener Nationals Series, presented by Wienerschnitzel hot dogs.

108 Dachshunds from every corner of Northern California were excited to compete in the qualifying races, for a chance to compete at the Golden Gate Fields Wiener Nationals Championship. Many other Dachshunds arrived to happily cheer their friends on.

The track was abuzz with Dachshunds ranging from long to extra long, short to shorter, frankfurter to bratwurst, puppies to granddogs, dressed up and down, and everything in between. They came in every color and texture imaginable, as Dachshunds have more coat types and colors than any other breed. Each one meeting and greeting in the usual lengthy Wiener dog fashion.

The first preliminary heat of the Wiener Nationals began at 12:55 PM, after a horse race that many Wiener fans didn’t seem to notice. 12 Wiener dogs eagerly lined up at the track entry gate and were fitted with identifying racing jackets. Each Dachshund had two human teammates: one to carry the anxious Wiener to the starting box, the other to lure the Wiener dog to the finish line. Excitement filled the air as the race was about to begin.

With a quick pull of the release gate the first competing Dachshunds tore out of the starting box, all headed to their coaxing teammates at the finish line. Suddenly 10 of the 12 racers noticed the roaring crowd on their right and began to veer off in an entirely new direction. It was as if there was an exit ramp and they all needed to quickly get off the highway. Only two Dachshunds stayed focused and continued on the path to win the race.

Neck in neck the remaining Dachshunds sprinted towards the finish line, with less than 50 feet to go. Then one broke free from the race and rushed towards the cheering onlookers, leaving the final Wiener dog to easily hop over the finish line into his screaming teammates arms!

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