Who's afraid of the big bad Snip?

Teetering on the fence about neutering your dog? Afraid that you or your dog might miss his canine jewels? You’re not alone, over 80% of pet owners are reluctant or refuse to give their dog the big snip. They can’t imagine having his dogliness stripped from him. They would rather deal with aggression, in house territorial marking, incessant mounting, straying, insane heat lust, or unwanted puppies caused by high testosterone levels. Ahh yes, but these issues are forgotten while one marvels at their dog's big beautiful ornaments dangling for all the world to see!

Are you tired of dealing with your dogs testosterone issues, but can’t decide on a treatment? We have the solution for you! Hi, Dog Chatter here. If you’re having problems with aggression, insane heat lust, or unwanted puppies, then you need Neuticles! Stitch Neuticles into your dogs scrotum and it resolves the tough issues other solutions won’t fix. When you look at your dogs replacement canine jewels you’ll say WOW every time!

Sounds like an infomercial? Well it should because the Neuticles system is one neutering solution more people should know about. Gregg A. Miller of the CTI (Canine Testicular Implant) Corporation invented Neuticles, the worlds first testicular implant for pets, in 1993 after being disturbed by the removal of his Bloodhound Buck’s testicles. He felt it was wrong to remove them because of trauma and self esteem issues for the dog. “Dogs notice when a leg is missing, what would make a familiar body part like testicles any different?” says Gregg.

Many people told Gregg that he was crazy for inventing and spending half a million dollars on establishing replacement pet testicles. They said his invention would never last, but Gregg proved everyone wrong. Gregg received the IG Nobel Peace Prize for Medicine in recognition of his invention, and in the past 14 years CTI Corporation has sold over 278,000 pairs of Neuticles in all 50 US states and 49 other countries. California, Texas, and Florida have purchased the most Neuticles, and the demand for Neuticles as a simple and safe solution to the pet overpopulation crisis is growing.

There are four options of Neuticles: Original an FDA medically-approved polypropylene which resembles plastic firmness, Natural a solid silicone implant which resembles organic testicle firmness, UltraPlus a solid silicone implant that feels liquid and prevents scar development, and UltraPlus with Epididymis the most realistic implant that even has a veiny texture!

The implant procedure lasts two to three minutes and is done when the dog is neutered by a veterinarian. It is recommended that the dog be neutered at eight months of age or older to assure his body develops properly and for correct Neuticle sizing. Neuticles can also be implanted up to five years after being altered with complete success. After surgery the result is very natural looking, and the dog has no idea of what happened. With prices ranging from $64.00 - $1,299.00 there is a Neuticle for every size dog.

Still not sure about Neuticles? Even CTI Corporation owner Gregg Miller was hesitant to neuter his Boxer named Winston. “I waited four years to neuter Winston because I hate neutering any dog, but I couldn’t put it off any longer when a neighborhood dog in heat drove Winston crazy” says Gregg, “He did every nasty dog habit imaginable, he even lifted his leg in my house!” Winston was immediately neutered and received UltraPlus with Epididymis for a realistic look and feel. Now Winston is a happy, calm, confident, and complete looking canine.

Don’t worry your pet will not outgrown or reject the Neuticles, and each Neuticled pet is insured for up to $2 million against any form of complications for the life of the pet. Don’t get too excited about cashing in yet, there have been zero complications with every single Neuticle implant to date.

Here's one more reason to do it. Neuticles are manufactured under strict FDA requirements, in the good old United States of America. Not only will you be supporting your dogs emotional and physical well being, you will be supporting the US economy!

Neuticles are not just for dogs, they have been implanted in bulls, horses, cats, prairie dogs, water buffalo, monkey's and even rats! Now is your chance to pack up your prairie dog and bring him to your local vet for his own mini Neuticles.

Wait there’s more! For the person who has everything, now you can give your loved one the ultimate gift with Neuticles earrings. Match your dog with these amazing handcrafted fashion earrings! Ideal for any formal or informal occasion. Act now because Neuticles are not sold in stores!

For more information on Neuticles visit their website at neuticles.com.

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