Poo Poo Ticket from the PoPo?

Feeling lazy when it’s time to scoop the poop? Well, whip out the energy drinks because that lackadaisical attitude can get you one hefty fine from the Police!

Many US cities have increased their fines from $100 to $250, some as much as $1,000. New York City and Baltimore, Md. have already put the $1,000 fecal fine into action. Even first-time offenders are being hit with these fines.

Over 40% of Americans do not pick up their dogs’ poop, and the ones that do are mostly women. Come on guys! Nothing is more irresistable to a woman than a man picking up after his pooch. It tells her you are caring, confident, responsible, dedicated, and best of all intelligent - because you know how to save $100-$1000!

Think you can avoid the poo poo PoPo? Some cities have implemented a complaint hotline, New York’s hotline received over 3,000 complaints last year! Your disgusted neighbors are spying on you and will tattle tale. There are also poo patrol agents, if they see your pup poop and you walk away, expect a ticket. They even have sting operations, don’t end up on the next episode of ‘To Catch a Pooper’. Some cities issue over 1,000 fines per year, and they are kicking up their poop patrol because of so many complaints. Sounds crazy? Countries around the world use dog DNA testing to match poop with their owners. Offenders get a fine in the mail - try and get out of that ticket!

Do you feel the fines are too steep or unfair? Well think about this:

• Your dog might enjoy feasting on poop left behind. Smooched with your pooch lately?

• Stepping in poop leaves a smelly accent to your shoe that can be tracked into your car or home. Ever played find that mystery poo smell?

• Dog poop contains fecal coliform bacteria, giardia, and salmonella; which can make you sick. You're worried about swine flu?

• Dogs like to roll in nasty smells, old poop is one of them. Do you kiss your dog on the head?

• Fido will even step in fecal matter by accident while looking for a place to poop. Does Fido sleep on your bed?

• Poop pollutes local ecosystems such as lakes, rivers, and beaches. Where do you vacation?

Drop the weak excuses “it’s biodegradable,” “small dog, small poop,” or “I don’t have a bag.” Dog poop is nasty, smelly, and dangerous. Clip a poop bag dispenser to your leash and do your doggie duty. Otherwise, be prepared to pay the Poopy-Piper!


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To view some dumb laws on animals view our blog post https://dog-chatter.myshopify.com/admin/blogs/29648771/articles/50563971

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