House Training Your Dog


House Training can be annoying, frustrating, and time consuming. But the final moment you realize your dog is housebroken is an amazing feeling. Don’t try to be too stressed while house training it will take a long time, just remember they are new to this world and are learning everything around them.

They go so much!

It’s normal for your puppy to be releasing the 1 and 2 all the time. They are growing and developing very fast so they need more food, water, and have way more energy. Puppies also have weak bladders they need to have develop so they can hold the messes longer. In order to teach them how to hold their messes follow these tips and tricks.

Den Instinct at Home

A den is where a puppy will not go because it is their home. You need to make your dog develop a den instinct in your home. So the puppy will not eliminate its waste in your home. Before your puppy is completely housebroken provide a space they can go to to eliminate themselves such as a bathroom or kitchen area. Make sure there is a box with pads inside for each clean up. Make sure they space is accessible for them at all times.

Keep The Rewards Coming

Rewards and congratulating your dog for going in the right space will be the fastest way to train your dog. Keeps treats nar by the waste area so you can say “good boy/girl” and give them an award for going in the right place. Your dogs want to please you so they’ll eventually learn that's what makes you happy. Saying bad dog in a low voice can tell them no if they go in the wrong place. Don’t punish the pup for house training mistakes, scolding your dog could have consequences.

Regular Schedules are the Best

Putting your puppy on a regular feeding schedule can help you know when your pup has to go. Puppies usually have to eliminate 30-45 minutes. This will depend on when they ate or drank last, played, or their own personal preference. That is why it’s good to keep a diary for when your puppy has to go. When they are asleep they won’t go so be sure to write down their sleeping schedule. Also having your dog on a feeding schedule will make sure your pup knows you are the alpha dog so they will listen to you easily.

Where to go?

Keep a few bottles of cleaning solution and paper towels to clean your puppy's mistakes. For crate training keep a crate next to your bed that is large enough to fit your puppy when it is fully grown. To learn more about crate training check out Cesars Way. Get a large excercise pen if you are gone for long periods of time to keep your puppy safe. As soon as you wake up bring your poppy to his potty area. As soon as you leave take your puppy to their potty area and as soon you come home take your puppy to it’s potty area. Your puppy will soon learn that this is the area they need to release them self in.

Active House Training

Active house training means taking your dog outside right after they eat and before they go to bed. It means rewarding them for going in the right place. The more the dogs are rewarded the faster they will learn. Keeping your dog on strict schedule and keeping their potty area the same will make sure they are potty trained completely. If you are having problems with your dog being self contained read our blog post.

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