Keep Your Dog Safe Around Water

New Pup Old Waves

So you have a new puppy and you don’t want to find out if he sinks or swims. These tips can help you make sure he never sinks. Even if you dog was a fish in his past life accidents can happen so preparing your dog for any form of complication with water is a necessity. Some breeds can swim more than others so check before you introduce your pup into any water.

Motion Sickness Happens

First is buying your pup a life jacket they have a handle on the back so you can grab them easy if they fall into your pool while your bbqing. Life jackets look so cute on dogs so please send us photos of your pups in life jackets! You can purchase doggie life jackets here Water Doggy. Your pet may not like it at first but they’ll get use to it. Being safe is way better than being sorry!

Motion Sickness Happens

Dogs especially puppies get motion sickness just like humans. If you dog gets sick on car rides he definitely is a candidate for motion sickness. One puppy I know always throws up if he eats before a car ride, make sure you don’t feed your dog before some water adventures. If you dog gets really sick, I would not recommend taking them around water. If you really want to take your dog on a boat with you, test it out to see if he or she will be okay, and make sure they’re wearing their lifejacket. Some dogs love boats some hate it, just like a person you have to get to know your dog.

Beach Time!

Taking your dog to a water filled beach can be the best time of your life. Read about to taking your dog to the beach here. Just make sure it’s a dog friendly beach and there are no riptides that day. Also beware of ruff water and rocky shores your dog could get hurt in.

Fenced and Safe

Building a fence around your pool can be a great investment for protecting your dog. Make sure they can not jump over the fence or break through it if they are bored. Summertime bbqs can be so much fun around your pool and keeping your dog safe will make sure you have an even better experience. Make sure your pup can swim and you 2 can doggy paddle together.

Lake Totally

Lake water can be very clean clear for you and your pup. But make sure before check local news articles and ask around before your dog goes for a swim or runs in the water to catch a stick. If you are introducing your dog to the water for the first time try a shallow spot in a kiddie pool. Make sure your by there side and you can have some doggy swimming lessons. Use these tip to be safe all summer around the water with your best friend!

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